Poniros jewellers our vision


For us, Poniros jewellery is something more than a creation. It is a long journey of amazing feelings and pictures inspired by the eternal blue of greek Aegean sea and by the treasures that greek civilization gave to humanity. We draw inspiration from our strong historical legacy and themes with a wide range of styles reminiscent of Greece’s culture.

Our goal is to commute all over the world the aesthetics and the “wealth” of Greek jewellery design and elevate the result to the highest level possible, always respecting the principles that characterize the family tradition. 

We have always created and continue to create based on the values of exceptional quality, superior technique and high aesthetics combined with edgy, original, contemporary style. Greek culture and nature provide endless inspiration and motivation.

Various designs compose Poniros’ jewellery collections that revive greek jewellery’s true origins, giving the era of the past, a new, strong, attractive elegance.