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Our world, our inspiration, our vision, all hide in our workshop which becomes the ombelico of Poniros’ creations. An integral part of our work consists of our modern equipment and high technology which give to every single design, the exact shape and form we have dreamed of. 

Designers, gemologists, gem-setters and jewelers, all work together in perfect harmony. Passion leads to excellence throughout all production stages, from the successful expression of an idea to the selection of rare gemstones, the most faithful interpretation of design sketches.

 The workshop is the place where every designer feels like home, and so do we. In there, we discuss and often argue with our technicians, we try, check and double check, we abandon an idea - we fight all the time in order to achieve the best that everyone treasures inside. Our atelier is the place where dreams come true and inspiration becomes reality so that an ornament jewellery piece can “fly” to every single corner of the world.