Akrotiri Collection

  The Monkey Fresco ~ This fresco depicting blue monkeys survives only in fragments and comes from Room B6. In the scene the monkeys are climbing rocks in an effort to escape the two dogs chasing them. Monkeys appear elsewhere in Theran and Minoan art, and they are often depicted as attendants to priestesses or near sacred altars. A fossilized monkey skull has been found on the island suggesting the possibility that they were present on Thera. (Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Santorini).



Inspiration: Blue monkey wall painting from Akrotiri 1450 B.C, one of the first examples of great painting in human history. The characteristic spiral outlines the whole collection.


Flair: Geometrical, Impressive, Dominant


ID: 18kt rose or white gold set with white and blue, black or champagne diamonds