Dimitris Poniros ~ the founder


Dimitris Poniros was born in Constantinople and has learned the art of jewellery making by his grandfather and father around the end of 50's in a greek workshop of jewellery craftsmen. His grandfather, a keen trader and his father, a jewelry maker introduced him to the magic art of jewellery. Therefore, his love for art, artistry and craftsmanship are dated back to his birth.

In 1964 he comes to Athens and keeps on working with exceptional goldsmiths learning everything on the industry: knowledge and skills need discipline and craving in order to achieve discernment. This is how, by the end of the 70's he manages to open his own atelier in Athens, along with his brother Stamatis. They design and create contemporary jewellery that respect Poniros’ philosophy and manage to achieve international recognition: from then on, greek brand “Poniros”, will always be crossing greek borders and the world will be enjoying handmade creations inspired by the beauties of the Greek land and history.