Fotis Poniros ~ the innovator

# 3rd generation

The youngest of the Poniros family, Fotis Poniros, shares the same passion as his father Dimitris Poniros and his brother, Yiorgos. Fotis, a pioneer and innovator, liberates his explicit talent by creating fresh, modern, yet purely artistic, designs. His precious pieces are timeless, with their everlasting allure being imprinted on original, sparkling, “treasures”.

Having completed his studies in London as a civil engineer, he decided to continue to Italy, where he became gemologist in the University of Florence, to complete the journey of knowledge in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Fotis Poniros contributes to the Rennaissance of an era, translating heritage to jewellery, together with his brother Yiorgos. His collections are youthful and easy to wear, yet exclusive and valuable.